Bergen Norway,
31 October 2023

31st October 2023

The Shipping Conference - Leadership 2023

The Shipping Conference has long been regarded as an important meeting point for shipping-related businesses, decision makers in the «blue economy» and academia.

In cooperation with Bergen Shipowners’ Association and Maritime Bergen, “The Shipping Conference – LeaderShip” is goig live on October 31st!

This years theme is «Mission Possible» where we use our knowledge to set sail into the future. Together we raise the agenda on how to maintain stability and success in an ever-changing terrain.  A day where we look into how to steer towards a greener and more sustainable future as we explore the synergy between academia and industry, aiming to bridge the gap between theory and practice.


09:00 - 10:30
Part 1. Navigating Uncharted Waters: Geopolitics and Market Dynamics in Shipping

In a world constantly challenged by shifting political landscapes and market waves, leaders face an almost impossible mission: to maintain stability and success in an ever-changing terrain. In this segment, we will delve into the intricate interplay between geopolitics and market dynamics. We will explore how political decisions, trade agreements, and global trends impact maritime traffic, and how leaders can uncover opportunities.


  • Introduction and a warm welcome by Maritime Bergen and Bergen Shippowners Assosiation

  • Turbulent Geopolitics: Threats and Opportunities for Shipping, Asle Toje, author.
    The renowned foreign policy author and lecturer will discuss how the changing geopolitics will affect the shipping market.
  • Economic outlook in a world marked by turbulence 
    -Kjersti Haugland, Chief Economist, DNB Markets
    Macroeconomics and Interest Rates – What's the Global Economic Outlook? As the Chief Economist of Norway's largest bank, Haugland will share his latest analyses and estimates at the conference.

  • Shipping perspectives in an uncertain macroeconomic and geopolitical environment - Jonathan Staubo, Advisor Oil & Tanker Markets
    Fearnley analyst Jonathan Staubo will present the current status of the shipping market and provide estimates and analyses on how the various segments are expected to develop in the future.

  • Norwegian Shipping - navigating uncharted waters -Helene Tofte, Executive Director, International, Norwegian Shipowners’ Association.
    Tofte leads the Norwegian Shipowners' Association's Department for International Cooperation and Climate. She will discuss how regulations and climate policies will impact the shipping market.
10:30 – 10:50
Coffee break & mingling
10:50- 12:25
Part 2. Setting Sail Towards Sustainability: Navigating the 'Course to Zero' in     Shipping

As the world charts a course towards a more sustainable future, the shipping industry finds itself at a pivotal juncture. In this segment we will explore the challenges and opportunities of decarbonization within the maritime sector. How can the industry steer towards a greener and more sustainable future without stumbling over the intricacies of emerging technologies?

  • Shipping Decarbonisation: What can and must be done today?
    - Pete Gornall, Associate Partner, McKinsey
    Pete Gornall, Associate Partner at McKinsey, will provide an overview of the decarbonization status and discuss how the shipping industry should best tackle the challenges on the path to zero emissions.

  • Getting there together 
    - Morten Sundt, Manager Marine, Equinor

  • Innovation in public procurement – a ferry tale
    - Siri Rennestraum Raknes, Project Manager Ferry Procurement, Norwegian   Public Roads Administration
    Raknes leads the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's ferry tendering process. They paved the way for the world's first battery-powered ferry with 'Ampere.' This time, they aim to push the boundaries once more, with autonomous vessels. As the head of the tendering project, Siri Rennestraum Raknes will provide insights into how they envision future solutions for self-navigating ships.

  • Yara Birkeland, Fully electrical and autonomous container ship - Jon Sletten, VP Asset Optimization, Global Plants & Operational Excellence Yara
    Yara Birkeland is the world's first autonomous zero-emission container ship. Jon Sletten will share insights into the project and the experiences gained from this groundbreaking initiative, which commenced operations in 2022.

  • Decarbonization: The role of energy efficiency - How far can existing technologies and energy efficiency take us?  - Erik Hjortland, VP Technology Odfjell SE
    Odfjell has been at the forefront of developing effective energy-saving solutions for its vessels. VP Technology Erik Hjortland will present the latest updates and share insights into the company's investment plans and strategy.
12:25- 13:25
Lunch and mingling
13:25 - 15:40
Part 3. Exploring the Synergy: Where Academic Insights and Industry Leadership Converge

Welcome to a segment where we delve into the exciting convergence of academic insights and industry leadership. This conference serves as a platform to present groundbreaking research within the expansive maritime field. As we explore the synergy between academia and industry, we aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice, highlighting how cutting-edge research can drive leadership and innovation in the maritime sector.

  • Unleashing the Human Potential - Erling Linna, Business coach
    Erling Linna is a business coach with extensive leadership experience in the   maritime industry. He is collaborating with Idonea, who has developed the Dreams & Details model for reinventing your business and leadership, and the reinvention from the boardroom.

  • The World Martime University: Building Capacity for Safer Ships, Cleaner  Ocean
    - Maximo Q. Mejia Jr., President, The World Maritime University
    Mr. Mejia will will give an introduction to The World Maritime University and their mission to tackle a shortage of well-qualified, highly educated maritime experts, particularly in developing nations identified by the IMO in the 1980s’.

  • Maritime Energy Management: WMU’s Journey Towards Zero/Low Carbon and Energy Efficient Maritime Future
    -  Aykut Ölçer, Professor, Director of Maritime Research, Head of Maritime Energy Management

  • Hydrogen underground storage: A step towards net-zero -  Ketil Djurhuus, Research Director Subsurface Energy Solution, NORCE
    How can offshore underground reservoirs be utilized for storing emissions-free energy? Learn more about energy research taking place at the research institution NORCE.
14:35- 14:55
14:55 - 15:40
Part 3.  continues...
  • Hydrogen in maritime sector, and related activities at HVL
    - Velaug Myrseth Oltedal, Associate Professor, Western University of Applied   Science
  • Mission Possible: Rethinking Human Error In Maritime Leadership
    - Ole Dreyer, PhD Research fellow at the department of maritime studies at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences
  • Closure by Marie Misund
    Marie Misund is a commetator at the newspaper Bergens Tidene and has closely followed the industry and the green transition as a journalist. She will provide a live summary of the conference from the stage.
    The end

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