Marine Wellbeing – Marine Benefits

Marine Wellbeing – Marine Benefits

Marine Wellbeing – Marine Benefits 200 200 Maritime Bergen

A recent research shows that on every vessel world wide one seafarer shows signs of depression and anxiousness. Marine Benefits now seek to find a solution on the findings in their own report

Without any doubt this past year has been challenging for most of us. An already vulnerable group turns out to perhaps struggle more than us who have our feet on land. We have had a talk with Chief Executiver Officer at Marine Benefits, Mr. Casper Meland, and he sees it as his company´s duty to share the findings they did in a recent research.

Maritime Bergen is pleased that Marine Benefits shows great responsibility and shares important findings from their investigations, says project manager in Maritime Bergen Line Andersen.

The sharing mindset has begun to become more common in the maritime cluster. This is something that might benefit Norway as a maritime nation.

Maritime Bergen operates, among other things, an Emergency Response Management forum – where the main idea is to share information and experiences in order to better cope with, or prevent critical incidents, says Andersen.

Marine Benefits has the idea that a competent, healthy and happy workforce is more productive, and the company work on manning a healthy future through innovative solutions.

90% of everything is transported by sea. 90% of all accidents at sea are caused by human error.

As proved recently with Ever Given in Suez, accidents at sea pose a risk not only to the environment, people and property – but to stability and world trade in general, says Mr. Meland.

The fall of 2020 Marine Benefits came together with their clients and Norwegian Hull Club and performed a study to reveal the condition on seafarers´ mental health and wellbeing during Covid-19.

By mapping the actual drivers, it is possible to identify the actual risks – and thus implement targeted measures to reduce the identified risks. We are fortunate to have systems, personnel and base of data to do this.

More than 17,000 seafarers answered questions related to their health and wellbeing. Marine Benefits compared the results to their earlier study Re:fres, wich was carried out befor the pandemic. The result shows that on every vessel one seafarer shows signs of depression and anxiousness. Marine Benefits wants to be part on the solution on this problem, and provide an add on on their existing medical plan. They will therefor give seafarers access to psychological help online.

Marine Benefits wants to share their results in hope that they can provide a tool to better our seafarers health.

It is our duty to share this with everyone. Sustainability is not just about reducing emissions – but so much more – and safety at sea, health and the environment is our livelihood – which we hope as many as possible will enjoy and use, Casper Meland concludes.

You can download the report here: Re:fresh Wellbeing Edition – Seafarers´ Wellbeing during Covid-19.









Personvernerklæring for Maritime Bergen

Personvernerklæringen skal sikre at virksomheter som er medlem i Maritime Bergen er informert om hvilke opplysninger som blir samlet inn og lagret om medlemmene. Personvernerklæringen inneholder opplysninger om hvordan vi benytter personopplysninger, hvordan vi bruker opplysningene, hvem som er ansvarlig og hvordan vi sikrer medlemmenes rettigheter ihht. oppdatering av regler i personlovgivning av 25. mai 2018.

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