Empowering the Future: First Cohort Graduates from Next Wave Maritime Leadership Program

Empowering the Future: First Cohort Graduates from Next Wave Maritime Leadership Program

Empowering the Future: First Cohort Graduates from Next Wave Maritime Leadership Program 2560 1920 Maritime Bergen
The Next Wave Maritime Leadership Program’s maiden voyage sets a high standard for success and prepares the next generation of maritime leaders.

The first cohort of the Next Wave Maritime Leadership program, conducted between 2022 and 2023, has concluded with resounding success. This tailor-made leadership development initiative, a partnership between Maritime Bergen, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, and BI Norwegian Business School, has equipped 24 participants from the maritime industry with the essential skills and knowledge to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of the industry. With a focus on emerging opportunities and challenges, the program has successfully prepared the next generation of maritime leaders to drive growth, innovation, and sustainability.

“The ongoing transition in the maritime industry requires more from maritime leaders; both deep understanding about the industry as well as business acumen and skills to navigate successfully through the transformation. The pilot program has focused on providing the needed competencies, and the success has given the participants a solid platform to build from” – BI Norwegian Business School

A Forward-Looking Approach:

The Next Wave Maritime Leadership program recognizes that the maritime industry is undergoing significant transformations. The six carefully curated program modules ensured that participants gained valuable insights into various aspects critical to their leadership journey.

  1. A Changing Maritime Industry: This module provided participants with a deep understanding of the evolving industry conditions, fostering strategic thinking and the ability to navigate competition and collaboration. By staying informed about emerging opportunities and potential challenges, the participants were well-equipped to adapt and lead their organizations effectively.
  1. Strategic Work: Participants learned how to approach strategy amidst uncertainty and create value through business models. This module empowered them to make informed decisions that aligned with their organization’s goals and objectives, enabling them to contribute to long-term success.
  1. The Transition to Green: Addressing the industry’s pressing need for sustainability, this module explored the challenges associated with the transition to green practices. By examining technology, regulatory aspects, and leadership considerations, participants acquired a comprehensive set of skills to drive the necessary changes towards a greener maritime industry.
  1. Strategic Digitalization: Digitalization has become a transformative force within the maritime sector. Participants gained a deep understanding of the opportunities and threats posed by digitalization. By learning about data science, machine learning, cybersecurity, and digital ethics, participants became adept at identifying and capitalizing on technology advancements while mitigating potential risks.
  1. Diversity: Recognizing the significance of diversity in driving innovation and success, this module explored practical approaches to embracing diversity in the maritime industry. Participants learned how to foster inclusive environments and communicate effectively to bring about desired change within their organizations.
  1. Innovation, Leadership, and Change Management: This module focused on the essential triad of innovation, leadership, and change management. Participants developed the skills to identify and nurture promising business ideas, inspire their teams, and foster a culture of innovation. By understanding strategic trade-offs and being attractive to employees, participants gained the ability to lead transformation and drive growth.

In addition to the six modules throughout the year, the participants have received mentorship from industry leaders through WISTA’s Maritime Meetup Mentor Program, and worked on a group case project featuring current cases from Norwegian Electric Systems, Peak Group, Plug, Odfjell Ocean Wind, Bergen Engines, and Scanreach.

Throughout the year, the program has also had significant contributions from the industry in the form of guest speakers, live cases, and networking sessions from, among others, Grieg Maritime Group, Wilhelmsen, Bergen Shipowners’ Association, KG Jebsen Skipsrederi, Hy2Gen, Norwegian Maritime Authority, Knutsen OAS, Haugesund Shipowners’ Association, Edda Wind, Eidesvik Offshore, Kongsberg Maritime, Avo Consulting, EY, DOF Subsea, Utkilen, Norwegian Hull Club, Corvus Energy and Odfjell.

Fostering cooperation through diverse participants

The success and effectiveness of the Next Wave Maritime Leadership program can be attributed, in part, to the diverse backgrounds and sectors represented by its participants. The program intentionally brings together individuals from various sectors of the maritime industry, breaking down silos and fostering increased cooperation among participants. By including representatives from different sectors, the program creates a unique platform for cross-pollination of ideas, experiences, and perspectives.

This intentional diversity among participants encourages a holistic understanding of the industry and promotes collaboration among individuals who may have traditionally operated in separate spheres. Breaking down silos and encouraging increased cooperation is vital in addressing the complex challenges facing the maritime industry and unlocking new opportunities for growth and innovation. Throughout the program’s duration, participants engage in collaborative activities, group projects, and discussions that leverage their diverse expertise. By encouraging participants to move beyond their specific sectors and work together, the program cultivates a network of maritime leaders who possess a broader perspective and are better equipped to tackle the complex and interconnected issues facing the industry.

Congratulations to the Next Wave Maritime Leadership Program Class of 2023!

Anders Nes Hagen, Finance Director, G2 Ocean
Andre Svalland, First Vice President, DNB
Anette Wiik Silden, Senior Ship Operator, Odfjell SE
Erik Kristoffersen, Senior Ship Operator, Utkilen
Eva Storeide, Senior Crewing and Social Officer, Odfjell SE
Henrik Orth, Operation Manager, Wilson
Jan Espen Myhren, Director BD Digitalization, Telenor Maritime
Jens Ringefelt, Senior Broker, Lockton EDGE Norway
Lars Jørgen Ytrehus, Finance Manger, DOF Subsea Atlantic regionen
Lars-Petter Larsen, Service Partner & Training Manager, Corvus
Magni Straume Fogliani, Senior Operator, Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skipsrederi
Marius Jensen, Project Support & Operations Manager, DOF
Ole Ivar Steinsland, Senior Shipbroker, Odfjell SE
Øyvind Moster, Director of Business Controlling, G2 Ocean
Per Martin Martinussen, Project Development Manager, LMG Marin
Randi Fjell, Ocean Industries – Head of Depertament, DNB
Rune Faugstad, Senior Technical Superintendent, Westfal-Larsen Management
Sofie Demeulenaere, Digital Project Manager, Hansa Tankers Management
Sondre Bo Fossmark, Project Manager, Silver Sea AS
Ståle Torsvik, Charterer, Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skipsrederi
Stein Håvard Sunnevåg, Senior Project Engineer, Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skipsrederi
Stine Furnes Revheim, Technical purchasing manager, Corvus
Therese Westgaard, CFO, Bergen Bunkers
Torstein Gjærder Bruvik, Vice Presiden Finance/ Treasurer, Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skipsrederi

Unique and important contribution to the industry

The successful completion of the first cohort of the Next Wave Maritime Leadership program highlights its significance in preparing the maritime industry’s next generation of leaders. By equipping participants with the knowledge and skills required to navigate a changing industry, the program has empowered them to lead with confidence and drive positive change.

The program’s partnership between Maritime Bergen, Western Norway University of Applied Science, and BI Norwegian Business School showcases a collaborative effort to strengthen the maritime industry’s leadership capabilities. By leveraging the expertise and resources of these institutions, the program ensures a holistic and comprehensive learning experience. We would also like to thank our supporting partners Vestland fylkesommune, Bergen kommune, Bergen Shipowner’s Association, EY and WISTA for playing an integral part in the execution of the program.

As the maritime industry faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities, it is vital to invest in leadership development programs like the Next Wave Maritime Leadership program. By nurturing future leaders who possess a strategic mindset, technological proficiency, and an understanding of sustainability and diversity, the program contributes to the industry’s long-term growth, innovation, and success. By equipping them with a comprehensive skill set, the program has created a cohort of capable leaders who are well-prepared to address industry challenges, drive innovation, and guide the industry toward a sustainable and prosperous future.

Register your interest for Next Wave in 2024:

The next edition of the Next Wave Maritime Leadership program is scheduled to run from fall 2024 to spring 2025. With the resounding success of the first cohort, the program is now accepting expressions of interest from the maritime industry. This presents a unique opportunity for companies to invest in their future leadership talent and equip their employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in an ever-changing industry landscape.

The program is aimed for «midships» who are ready for more leadership responsibilities in their career. Participants should be experienced professionals within the industry who hold a degree of managerial or results-driven responsibilities. By registering interest, companies can secure their spot in this transformative program, ensuring that their future leaders are equipped with the necessary tools to thrive and drive success in the maritime industry of tomorrow.

Express interest today here!








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